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	 Kramer 6.5−Inch, On−Wall 2−Way Powered Speaker System - Black

Kramer 6.5−Inch On−Wall 2−Way Powered Speaker System - Black

6.5–Inch On–Wall 2–Way Powered Speakers

£230.00 (ex vat) £276.00 (incl vat)

Audio Monitors

The range of audio monitors available from ProAV are ideal for use on busy sets or on location. They’re magnetically shielded to eliminate interference from video monitors, allowing you to gather a realistic, true sound, rather than the somewhat ‘enhanced’ sound that you can receive from other speakers.

We stock powered analogue, digital, nearfield and rack-mounting, space-saving monitors, so there is plenty of choice. Many of the audio monitors also incorporate inbuilt amplifiers as well. Our team of audio specialists are on hand to talk you through the different options, based on your budget and application, so you can ensure you make the right purchase when you shop with ProAV for your audio monitors.

These monitors are essential for recording engineers and are a staple part of your audio kit as a professional. For more information, please give us a call on 01442 292929 and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.