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We are processing website orders as normal and our phones remain open. Items are still being shipped daily and all in-stock items can still be sent on next day services.


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Headphones are used to monitor signal sources and sound quality when used for professional audio. We stock both wired and wireless headphones that come with noise cancelling compatibility and communication capabilities, ideal for a busy day on set.

Our range of headphones come from carefully selected brands including Sony and Sennheiser, all chosen off the back of the companies that our customers know and love. These headphones are varied in that some have closed construction, allowing no other sound to be heard. Others are open construction, so both the source signal and outside sounds can be heard by the user.

Opt for circumaural headphones if you’re primarily working in recording studios, as the pads will cover the ears, ensuring you can hear everything you need to. Call the team of audio specialists at ProAV on 01442 292929 to discuss your needs and choose the right headphones for your requirements.