Audio Equipment Spares & Accessories

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Audio Equipment Spares & Accessories

If you’re out and about on a shoot, then you’re bound to need an array of accessories and spare bits and pieces. The amount of things that you lose on the rounds soon starts to add up and you’ll quickly find that spares are essential to have in your kit.

The most common items that get lost or damaged are windshields, bubbles and clips. You’ll also find you misplace cables, connectors and foam covers along the way or find they’ve been broken or worn out. Whatever the reason, you’ll be crying out for some spares, so make sure you stock up.

Knowing what sort of things you frequently go through will make it easier to know what you need to have more of, so take the time to go through your kit and see if you have a penchant for losing clips or connectors. In our range of spares and accessories, you’ll also find things like rubber bands and grommets because you never know when you’ll run out of them. It’s often the little things that cause the biggest problems when they go missing or get broken, so don’t be caught out.

For more information on any of these products, please give us a call on 01442 292929 and we’ll be happy to go through everything with you.