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Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000D (Drone Light)

Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000D (Drone Light)

Ultra-powerful aerial light

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Hexacopter Accessories

If you’re investing in a hexacopter, you’re going to want some key accessories as well. You never know when you might need back-ups or replacements for any breakages along the way, so it’s worth having a few bits set aside.

Propellers are always useful, particularly if you are trying out some more daring stunts and maneuvers with your aerial drone, as there is a chance that you might damage them on low-hanging trees or other unexpected obstacles.

Before you invest, it’s worth talking to one of our specialists to work out what is going to be worth purchasing and ensure you have all the right equipment in advance. Call 01442 292929 to speak to one of the team at ProAV and we’ll be able to go through everything with you.