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ProAV has recently started to stock a range of different drones including octocopters by DJI. These eight-rotor crafts are ideal for capturing the very best footage and remove almost all issues with instability.

The additional rotors help to keep the drone stable, allowing you to get those hard to reach shots or to perfectly film action shots that can have a tendency to blur or shake. The DJI octocopters are all about creating first class work that needs minimal editing, so if you’re looking for professional drones that can assist you, the octocopter range from ProAV will have what you’re looking for.

For further information about any of the octocopters in the range and to speak to an expert about choosing the right one for your needs, please get in touch by calling 01442 292929. We’ll be on hand to talk through everything and ensure you choose an octocopter that is going to go over and above your expectations.