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Gold Mount Batteries & Chargers

Quick View Pag Cube Charger (4 x PAGlok / Parallel Charger)

Pag Cube Charger (4 x PAGlok / Parallel Charger)

4-channel simultaneous fast-charger

£432.00 (ex vat) £518.40 (incl vat)
Quick View
  • n/a
Pag PAGlink Micro Charger

Pag PAGlink Micro Charger

Micro Link Charger

£95.00 (ex vat) £114.00 (incl vat)
Quick View Pag PL16 Link Charger

Pag PL16 Link Charger

A 2-position PAGlink Charger ideal for PAGlink V-Mount Li-Ion batteries

£482.00 (ex vat) £578.40 (incl vat)

Gold Mount Batteries & Chargers

ProAV stocks gold mount batteries, perfect for equipment that will be heavily used. The gold mounts reduce the amount of oxygen, offering a cleaner and thus more efficient source of power. When you are dealing with such complex equipment, you need batteries - and mounts - that are going to go the distance.

The gold mount range from ProAV is also incredibly safe, so you can rest assured that your equipment isn’t likely to suffer any damage from using the gold mounts. The compact batteries don’t take up a lot of space in your kit, and the same can be said for the mounts as well. You are likely to have enough heavy equipment to carry around, so this range is ideal due to its smaller size.

ProAV ensures that you have the power to support your equipment and won’t be left without batteries or chargers that can live up to the often high levels of performance demanded by your cameras. For more information on any of the gold mount products, please give us a call on 01442 292929 and we’ll be happy to help.