Kinefinity KineMAG+ SSD 500GB

7mm KineMAG+ SSD

Kinefinity KineMAG+ SSD 500GB1

Kinefinity KineMAG+ SSD 500GB

7mm KineMAG+ SSD


Cat no: 30431

  • SSD Memory Card for Kinefinity Cameras
  • Full bandwidth RAW recording
  • Records 4K uncompressed CinemaDNG
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Kinefinity KineMAG+ SSD 500GB

7mm KineMAG/KineMAG+ SSD is designed to match the Kine cameras: it handles full bandwidth RAW recording, with reliability and durability. The slots on the end of the KineMAG+ facilitates the pull-plug operation between the SSD and TERRA body.

KineMAG+ employs excellent controller and stable flash memory chips, it’s more reliable and has a longer life that ordinary SSD's.

Industrial standards: KineMAG+ has a standard SATA interface and so can be used directly by a USB to SATA cable (you may use HFS+, or Macdrive™ or freeware HFSexplorer if your workstation run Windows™, since KineMAG™ SSD file system is MAC HFS). This industry standard interface makes the workflow with Kine cameras quicker and easier, saving you the cost of special adapters to access the RAW data recorded by camera.

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