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edelkrone Counterbalance Weights

Modula Counterbalance Weights

edelkrone Counterbalance Weights

edelkrone Counterbalance Weights

Modula Counterbalance Weights

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Cat no: 8543

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Edelkrone Counterbalance Weights

A Little Help For The Balance

Key Features
The easiest to attach counterbalance weights in the world.
Machined out of 100% stainless steel to fit the required amount of weight into the smallest possible volume.
Stays safe & secure on edelkrone shoulder pads; with option to release easily by simply pressing a button.
Option to attach just one or both of the weights (each 1.3kg).
The weights have an interlocking mechanism inside to simply place and slide them on top of each other to lock in place.
Cheese plate (sold separately) can be attached on top of the counterbalance weights for additional accessory and battery plate (Sony IDX V-Mount & Anton Bauer) mounting options.
Includes (1x) base weight & (1x) additional weight.
Included in: Modula 9
, Modula 9+

Product Specification

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 1
Weight: 1.3 kg x 2
Materials Used: Stainless Steel

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