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edelkrone Double Shoulder Pad

Modula Double Shoulder Pad

edelkrone Double Shoulder Pad

edelkrone Double Shoulder Pad

Modula Double Shoulder Pad

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Cat no: 8574

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Edelkrone Double Shoulder Pad

It's easier to carry with both shoulders.

Key Features
The New Double Shoulder Pad can be transformed from single shoulder mount to double shoulder mount in a few seconds.
Distributes the weight evenly on both shoulders.
Shifts counterbalance weights to the opposite side in double shoulder mount mode to create a cross-balancing system.
Adds delivers even better balancing by extending the weights further back.
Ideal for carrying the camera load on shoulders for longer durations.
Adjustments are instant and tool free.
Drastically increases the amount of shooting durations, maximizes stability of the shots, helps achieving smoother pans, prevents back pain and/or injuries.
The counterbalance weight system can be extended further back for the best balancing solution in the industry.

Several 1/4 and 3/8 inch holes on the back of the shoulder pad to provide additional accessory mounting options.
Sony IDX V-Mount and Anton Bauer battery plates can be directly mounted on back of the shoulder pad (in order to use battery plates in combination with stainless steel counterbalance weights, cheese plate is required).

Included in: Modula 9
, Modula 9+
, Modula Balance XL.

Product Specification

Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 9 cm
Weight: 1.856 kg
Materials Used: Aluminum & Plastic

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