Sony ECM-88B electret-condenser microphone

Ideally suited for broadcasting, theatre and field production

Sony ECM-88B electret-condenser microphone

Sony ECM-88B electret-condenser microphone

Ideally suited for broadcasting, theatre and field production

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  • Ideal for Broadcast, theater, field production and music applications
  • Extremely low cable handling noise
  • Water-resistant design
  • Ultra-compact microphone capsule
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Sony ECM-88B Electret-condenser Microphone

The Sony ECM-88B is a miniature omni-directional electret-condenser microphone ideally suited for quality-critical applications in broadcasting, theater and field production.

This lavalier mic achieves high-sensitivity and has a flat-and-wide frequency response.

The ECM-88B offers extremely low handling noise with unparalleled high sound quality.

The ECM-88B comes with a DC-78 power supply and it has a cable length of 8.2 feet. This model is best suited for wired lav mic applications.

However; with the DC-78 power supply disconnected, the ECM-88B's 4-pin (SMC9-4P) connector can also be used with Sony WRT-822B and WRT-8B wireless mic body-pack transmitters. Other ECM-88 Series models include: the ECM-88BC; supplied with a 4-pin connector (SMC9-4P) optimized for wireless mic use (cable length 3.9 feet); the ECM-88BPT pigtail version (without connector), and the ECM-88FPT beige-colored pigtail version (without conector).

Product Specification

Capsule type
Electret condenser
Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz Sensitivity
-52 dB +/- 2 dB (when used in conjunction with the DC-78), 0dB = 1 V/Pa., at 1 kHz Output impedance

100 ohms +/- 20% (when used in conjuction with the DC-78) Dynamic range
99 dB or more Signal-to-noise ratio
68 dB or more (A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1Pa.) Inherent noise
26 dB SPL or less (A-weighted, 1kHz, 1 Pa.), 0dB SPL = 20u Pa. Wind noise

45 dB SPL or less (when using the supplied windscreen), 0dB SPL = 20u Pa. Induction noise from external magnetic field
5 dB SPL or less (when used with the DC-78), 0dB SPL = 20u Pa. Maximum input sound pressure level

125 dB SPL, OdB SPL = 20u Pa. Cable length
8.2 feet Output connector

ECM-88B: SMC9-4P 4-pin on microphone. Also supplied with DC-78 Power Supply Unit for XLR output connection. Power requirements
ECM-88B 4-pin connector: DC 1.1 to 10.0 V. ECM-88B with DC-78 Power Supply connected: Two-way powering; battery operation (using an AA-size alkaline battery) or external DC operation (12 to 48 V) Dimensions (Mic Capsule)
5/32 x 5/32 x 11/16 inch Weight

ECM-88: 32 grams (including mic cable), DC-78: 4.59 Oz (including AA battery)

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