Transitioning from Automatic to Manual with Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman - Transitioning from automatic to manual
Transitioning from Automatic to Manual with Alister Chapman
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While it is often very easy just to switch a camera to auto and shoot like that, if you really want to get the best images, manual gives you a far greater degree of control. But switching out of auto for the first time can be daunting.

In this workshop Alister will go through when and where to use auto and when to use manual. There will be hints and tips that will help you get the best out of the different manual modes as well as advice based on decades of practical experience.

Throughout the day of training we will cover:


• What are the 2 principle auto functions: Exposure and Focus.
• Breaking down exposure into the key elements: Gain, Shutter, Aperture and ND filter.
• Frame rates and shutter speed, what’s the difference and what should you use.
• Gain and ISO and how they affect the image.
• Understanding Aperture and the desirable aperture range.
• Aperture and it’s relationship with depth of field.
• The basics of exposure

• ND (Neutral Density) filters and how to use them.
• Auto focus, when to use it, when not to use it.
• Face tracking and face recognition.
• Focus pulling and other focus techniques.
• Discussion: Dealing with challenging lighting.
• Q&A

Who is this workshop for?

• Skill Level - Beginner to Intermediate
• Those new to video
• Experienced camera operators who normally use automatic exposure
• Owners of any brand / style of video camera

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Who is Alister Chapman?

Alister is one of the most highly respected cameramen / industry tutors around. Operating as a freelance DOP/producer/editor, Alister has worked in broadcast television since 1984. He has consulted on major projects for New York museums, provided stock footage to over 30 clients and filmed for the BBC, Sky, NBC and Discovery.

As a Sony ICE (Independent Certified Expert) Alister travels the world, running workshops and training professionals on Sony products. Despite his close connection to Sony, Alister has always maintained an objective, independant and unbiased viewpoint. Choosing the tools and workflows that work for him and his clients first and foremost.

What is ProAV Academy?

In response to high demand from our customers for high quality educational workshops, we are excited to be launching ProAV Academy. A program of training workshops, led by industry leading practitioners, offering working professionals across the industry opportunities to develop their craft.

We aim to cover a wide variety of video production topics, from essential camera skills and working with clients to audio technology and post-production. All with the aim of helping our customers upskill themselves and create better work for their clients.

Regular high quality training is incredibly important to ensure you are working to the best of your ability. We are very proud to be able to provide our customers with training workshops aimed at a variety of skill and experience levels. No matter your place within the industry, from those new to video, to established working professionals, ProAV Academy is your home for high quality learning in the UK.

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