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Syrp Genie Motion Control & Time Lapse Device

Motion Control & Image Capture

Syrp Genie Motion Control & Time Lapse Device

Motion Control & Image Capture

SKU: SYRP-0030-0001

Cat no: 8765

  • An all-in-one device
  • Real time video shots + motion control time-lapse
  • Linear + Panning motion coupled into one device
  • HDR Time-lapse mode
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Syrp Genie Motion Control & Time Lapse Device

The Genie is a simple, affordable and extremely easy to use motion control device for Time Lapse Photography and more. Simply attach your camera to the top of the Genie, plug it in using the matching cable for your camera and program it to move and shoot to your desired needs.

Key Features -

Panning or Linear Mode - The Genie can be setup to record either panning or linear time lapses. Attached to any standard tripod head or legs the Genie connects to your camera and is programmed to move and shoot in a panning direction at your desired speed. To switch between modes simply detach the panning accessory and attach the linear accessory. This is commonly used with sliders or dollies so the Genie can now drive in a linear direction along a track to capture perfectly smooth tracking time lapses.

Compatibility - One of the coolest things about the Genie is that it is able to integrate with all of your existing equipment - whether you have a professional slider or your homemade DIY track, simply screw the Genie on and attach the rope to either end using the supplied accessory. Since the Genie uses standard rope in linear mode, the only limit to the length of your camera move is how long your length of rope is. This opens up a huge amount of creativity including using the device with a cable cam or on a skateboard. How about that office chair you're sitting on right now?! The options are endless - Rig it up over a football field, between buildings or over a lake. Since you are no longer limited by the length of your slider you have more control over the creativity of your shot.

User Presets - A lot of time has been spent refining the Software on the Genie to make it extremely easy to use. Being able to save presets into the recording menu is one of the key features. This means that if you are happy with your final time lapse then you can simply save your settings into the recording menu so that you can easily revert back to them at another location. The time between setting up your shot and pressing 'Start' is drastically reduced resulting in an increased possibility that you will get the shot you're after.

Preview Mode - Preview mode allows you to watch your time lapse movement before starting your camera move. Once you have your time lapse settings refined you can simply press preview and the genie will drive at the 'real time' speed of your final time lapse movement. This means you can refine exactly how fast or slow your final speed of movement will be, once again increasing the chance of getting your desired shot. In this mode it is also possible to record perfectly smooth real time video shots such as panning or slider shots. (Note that there are some limitations to how fast the Genie can drive).
Portability - Our research and experience with Motion Control equipment indicates that often film makers will put it in the 'too hard basket'. We believe much of this reasoning comes about due to bulky and heavy equipment. It's easy to rule out the option of taking your motion control kit along with the rest of your camera gear particularly in constraining environments such as in the wilderness or around cities. With the Genie all components are packaged into one neat device with integrated screen, keypad, motor, batteries and controller all inside one unit. This allows you to always have the option of Motion Control time lapse whether you need it or not; as it easily fits alongside your camera in a standard camera bag.

Sensors - The Genie has an interface port that allows users to connect a variety of sensors including light, motion and sound sensors that will trigger the genie to start a recording, take a photo or take multiple photos.
This application will be primarily valuable for Natural History and Nature Documentaries where capturing animals in remote locations is difficult. The sensor port also allows for integration with smart phones providing additional functionality via updateable external mobile Apps.
Smartphone App - Currently a mobile App for android and Iphones is in development. This will allow full control of the Genie and the various settings from your smartphone.

FAQ's -

Can the Genie perform smooth real time video moves?
Yes. The Genie can be set to video mode and take perfectly smooth real time video shots. There's no link cable required for using the Genie like this and simply set the distance you would like the Genie to move and how long you would like to record for and press start. Alternatively use one of the factory pre-sets already on the device.

Does the Genie perform move, shoot, move for time-lapse?
In timelapse mode the Genie performs move, shoot, move which allows the unit to come to a complete stop before firing the shutter.

How much weight can the Genie handle?
The Genie has been tested using a slider in a horizontal position and can pull 20Kg. Weight limitations depend on a variety of other factors such as how much friction your slider or other film equipment has and the angle of movement of your shot - vertical shots will put a lot more strain on the device.

Will my camera be compatible with the Genie?
In general, cameras with a remote input used for triggering the shutter will be compatible with the Genie. Usually this input will be the same plug you use to connect a timer remote or shutter release into. Please check the compatibility list in the specs section for your camera type.Is there a user manual for the Genie?
Everything you need to know about how to use the various features and functions of the device can be found in the resources / downloads section on the support page or in the Genie product page itself.

Or you can download a user manual by following the yellow brick road to the emerald city:

What is the maximum speed the Genie can move?
The maximum speed in panning mode is 5 seconds for a full 360 and in linear mode 45 seconds per 100cm.

Can mirror less cameras without remote inputs be used with the Genie?
Cameras such as the Sony NEX-7, Canon M or Nikon J1 don't have a remote input interface. The shutter is remotely triggered instead via infrared. Currently the Genie is not configured to be compatible with infrared but this features will be added as a downloadable firmware update coming soon.

Can the Genie perform Panning and Linear movement at the same time?
The Genie is not able to perform both axis of movement at the same time and can either be used in panning mode or in linear mode.

Which dolly / slider can be used with the Genie?
The genie was designed to work with all your existing equipment. Some tracks may however work better than others, for details of how to attach the rope to the end of the track refer to the user manual on the support page to evaluate whether your slider will suit.

Can I change when the Genie tells my camera to take a photo in order to get rid of any 'shake' my setup might have?
Yes. By default the Genie is setup to fire the shutter on the camera as soon as it’s finished it’s move (200ms). However if you would like to change the gap in the time between when the Genie stops and when the Genie fires the shutter then complete the following steps.

1. In Recording mode menu select ‘timelapse’
2. Select ‘New Recording’
3. Scroll all the way down past the start icon to ‘advance setup’ (located on new screen).
4. Enter advance setup and adjust the ‘move shoot delay’ to suit.

E.G. By default the Genie waits 200ms before signaling the camera to fire the shutter, if changed to 2000ms (2secs), then the Genie will wait 2secs before it fires the shutter on your camera thus allowing enough time for the setup to come to a complete standstill before taking a photo.

What do the 'circle' and 'line' graphics mean in the top right corner of the Genie?
The line graphic denotes when the linear accessory is attached to the Genie or if no accessory is attached. The correct movement parameters are then displayed as cm / m and the direction as '++' or '--'. When the panning accessory is attached the graphic changes to a 'circle' designating that the panning accessory is connected and the movement units are then displayed in degrees and direction as CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise).

How do I know when the battery is charged, how long will this take and how long will it last?
When the Genie is charging the light will turn orange, once fully charged the light will turn green for around 5 seconds before turning off completely. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the Genie. You can charge the Genie in increments if necessary, for example during your lunch break. The battery life of the Genie is approximately 12 hours, this will vary depending on use and conditions.

What is the minimum increment the Genie can rotate in panning mode?
The smallest degree of rotation the Genie can move is 0.01 degrees in panning mode.

What is the minimum increment the Genie can track along a slider in linear mode?
The smallest step that the Genie can perform in linear mode is 0.01mm.

Product Specification

Dimensions -
L: 102mm
W: 102mm
H: 102mm

Battery -
Li-ion 11.1V

Battery Life -
12 hours run time - based off a timelapse recording running for 12 hours straight on a horizontal track. Note: Battery life will vary according to other factors, such as how much weight is used on the device, whether it's used in time lapse or video mode and whether the Genie is being used for moves on an incline.

Power Supply -
Input: 240/110 50/60hz AC
Output: 15V 1.5A DC

Charge Time -

Compatibility -
Check out the 'compatibility' tab in the 'Resources' section to check if your camera will be compatibile with the Genie.

Maximum Speed In Video Mode -
Linear - 100cm / 45 sec
Panning - 360 degrees / 5 secs.

  • 1 x Genie
  • 1 x Panning Mount
  • 1 x Linear Mount
  • 1 x 3 m High Performance Rope
  • 1 x International Wall Charger
  • 2 x Slider Mounts
  • 4 x Slider Straps
  • 1 x User Guide

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Questions & Answers

1 Question

in video mode will this pull its self along then automatically go back wards? Can I set a speed for it to automatically go backwards and forwards up and down a sliders length? 1 Answer

Posted on: Monday, 21 March 2016
Posted by: David Easton

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1 Answer

Posted on: Monday, 21 March 2016

Posted by: Steve Gover

Yes, that is one of the many aspects that Genie offers. Full control over distance, and time taken to travel from point A to B.

It also ramps up and down at either end if needed.


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Genie - Motion Control Time Lapse Device

Syrp Genie Motion Control & Time Lapse Device

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