Hague K3 Mini Jib Traveller

Mini Camera Crane

Hague K3 Mini Jib Traveller

Mini Camera Crane


Cat no: 10261

  • Suitable for lightweight handheld camcorders & DSLR's
  • Supports up to 3kg
  • Quick & simple use
  • Compact & lightweight
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Hague K3 Mini Jib Traveller

The Hague K3 Mini Jib Traveller is small, compact, lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Measuring just 82cm for transit, and weighing just 2kg, this jib is ideal for people on the go. It’s ideal for both DSLRs and all handheld camcorders under 3kg, or could be used with action cameras such as the GoPro for an even more lightweight set-up. The Mini Jib is fastened directly to the video head of any sturdy tripod, in the same way you would attach your camera. It can be mounted using both 1/4” and 3/8” screws.
On the end of the jib is a camera plate mounted on a pulley with a control cable coming down the jib to a second pulley at the side of the video head on the tripod. It is this control cable that keeps the camera level as the jib is raised or lowered. Tilting the tripod’s video head controls the camera pulley on the end of the jib, enabling the camera to be tilted up or down. The radial ball bearings in the pulley ensure a very smooth tilt movement. The jib has a telescopic weight bar which can be adjusted to counterbalance the camera with standard bar weights (not supplied) or a sandbag used for counterbalance.

An additional feature of the Mini Jib is the ability to mount the jib horizontally so you can create sideways tracking movement, similar to a slider, or the camera can be positioned to move forward or back. Combine this with using the pan bar on the video head and some very unusual shots can be achieved.
Price includes K3 Mini Jib Traveller with tilt facility. The price does not include the tripod, camera, weights or any other accessories shown.

Product Specification

Up and Down Crane movement 140cm
Length from tripod to camera 72cm
Telescopic weight bar length 20 - 70cm
Total maximum length 146cm
Transit Size 82 x 10 x 7cm
Weight 2kg

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Hague K3 Mini Jib Traveller Camera Crane