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Hague HCST Cam-Slide Traveller

Camera Slider

Hague HCST Cam-Slide Traveller

Hague HCST Cam-Slide Traveller

Camera Slider

SKU: 29804

Cat no: 4697

  • Quick & Easy To Assemble
  • 500mm Long Track
  • Made Of Hard Anodized Aluminium

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£125.00 (ex vat) £150.00 (incl vat)

Hague HCST Cam-Slide Traveller

The Hague HCST Cam-Slide Traveller is quick and easy to assemble and can be mounted to the video head of any sturdy tripod or placed on a table / floor for low shots. The camera fastens directly to the carriage, or alternatively an optional Ball Levelling Head can be used between the camera and carriage – enabling the camera angle to be adjusted when used on a table or floor. The usual ideal set up is to mount the track onto the video head of the tripod and the camera onto the carriage. The tripod can then be used in the usual way for pan and tilt with the extra feature of being able to create smooth tracking shots with the Cam-Slide Traveller.

The HCST Cam-Slide track has a tripod mounting plate in the centre, with mounting holes for both 1/4" and 3/8" screws, plus a locating hole for the pin found on most tripod camera plates. Two track supports are also supplied with the Traveller, one for each end of the track which supports the Cam-Slide track when it is used on a table or the floor and also prevent the carriage from coming off the end of the track.

The carriage has a 1/4" camera screw to mount the camera to the carriage, or an optional Quick Release Adapter could be used, making it simpler and quicker to mount the camera on & off the carriage. A thumb screw on the side of the carriage locks the carriage to the track when used in a fixed position.

Once the camera is mounted onto the carriage you can create supper smooth tracking shots as you slide the carriage down the track. The track is 500mm (19.5") long giving a maximum camera movement of 400mm (15.5 "). Suitable for all camcorders and cameras up to 3.5kg. The double rail track is made from hard anodized aluminium and the carriage has low wear, low friction bearings that do not require lubrication. It is resistant to dirt and dust.

Kit Includes:

Tripod Plate
2 End Supports
Carriage with lock and Camera Screw

Product Specification


End Supports:
205 x 38mm


Total Weight:

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