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Helin HL-R8PRO Controller

8-Pin Zoom Controller

Helin HL-R8PRO Controller

Helin HL-R8PRO Controller

8-Pin Zoom Controller


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Helin HL-R8PRO Controller

8-Pin Zoom Controller

The Helin R8PRO controller is designed to remotely control the Zoom , Zoom speed , Record Stop/Start and return video playback of your last clip when used with camcorders equipped with Canon or Fujinon 8 pin Lenses.

The R8PRO is simply attached to any tripod pan bar and connects directly to the camcorders 8 pin Lens remote connection. Select either Canon or Fujinon control from the side of the controller.

Precise speeds of Zoom and Telephoto are achieved by thumb pressure when applied to the controllers rocker switch. The cable length is 0.75m.

Product Specification

Connection: 8 pin
Clamp Distance: 10mm to 30mm ( 0.39” – 1.18”)
Cable Length: 750mm (29.5”)

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