HprcLight Grande Case

Highly protective case

HprcLight Grande Case

HprcLight Grande Case

Highly protective case

SKU: HPRC-Grande

Cat no: 15891

  • Quick, handy and safe
  • All at your fingertips in seconds
  • Semi-rigid clamshell design
  • Easy magnetic opening system
Price From: £44.00 (ex vat) £52.80 (incl vat)

HprcLight Grande Case


The HprcLight Grande is a semi-rigid clamshell designed to organize and protect your gear. An easy magnetic opening system, combined with an elastic outer band, ensures a quick opening and secure closing. Thanks to the compact dimensions it is easily transportable in bags, backpacks and handluggages. Fits different on-the-go electronic devices and all action cameras.

(Custom fit cubed foam, devices not included, tablet maximum size 9,7")

Hprc is proud to present a new product line born from its long term experience in creating highly protective cases: HprcLight. Two semi-rigid cases to organize and comfortably carry your electronic devices, small accessories, and everything you need at your fingertips while you're traveling, working or enjoying your favourite outdoor activity.

All your devices at your fingertips in seconds! HprcLight is the perfect solution when you travel with a hand luggage or a bag, and you need to reach all your accessories in one time. With HprcLight your Tablet, Kindle, earphones, cables, and battery chargher will all be stored in one place!

When you are working outdoor and time is short, you need to access to your small items and accessories without having to look for them in your bags and cases: just arrange everything inside your HprcLight.

Even if you are in your office, with HprcLight you can avoid to forget your tablet, hard disk, business cards and more at home: all your small accessories and devices will be stored in one single place.

Enjoying your outdoor activities with all your electronic devices safely stored inside an HprcLight case will leave you time to dedicate to your favourite sport. Place the case inside your backpack and concentrate on what you love to do.

Quick, handy and safe
A handy magnetic opening system, combined with an outer elastic band, ensures a quick opening and secure closing.

All at your fingertips in seconds
HprcLight features an innovative organizer made with a system of crossing elastic bands: the perfect solution in order to neatly arrange all the accessories that usually get lost inside the luggage. 

Product Specification

Internal Size (LxWxH)
  • 335(mm) x 220(mm) x 62(mm) 
Exterior Size (LxWxH)
  • 370(mm) x 260(mm) x 80(mm)

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