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iFootage Shark Motorised Bundle

iFootage Shark Motorised Bundle


Cat no: 13963

  • Lightweight, high-grade material
  • Quick & easy set-up
  • High precision, high torque S3M belt
  • Extends from 640mm to 1200mm
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iFootage Shark Motorised Bundle

This bundle includes the iFootage Shark and iFootage S1A1S Wireless Motion Controller System

Read HDSLR magazine's review of the iFootage Shark slider HERE

A V-Mount Battery is required to power the S1A1S Wireless Motion Controller System in this bundle.

iFootage SHARK S1 Camera Slider

A Great All-Rounder
The iFootage Shark slider is strong and lightweight and uses lightweight, high-grade material. The premium grade material used in this excellent slider offers more rigidity compared to other carbon fibre products from the same weight ratio. iFootage’s use of this exclusive advanced production method and the combination of eight carbon fibre layers greatly enhances the stability of the track, making it less susceptible to track warping due to long-term use. It also utilises 14 Japanese made high-quality stainless steel bearings, greatly improving the quality of the system composition. Multiple 1/4 and 3/8 connection points increase its versatility - Whether you wish to place a microphone, light or monitor the Shark slider cope perfectly!

Modular design

iFootage understands the importance of a product's build so we removed excess mass, dramatically reducing its weight and size. This design tweak makes our product increasingly convenient and less cumbersome to photographers who need to pack and deploy the unit frequently.

These so called 'sharks' can be separated from each part in 10 seconds, taking only three minutes to complete the entire installation. It is easy to carry around and even easier to clean its components.It also benefits from modular design which means that there is no need to buy another setup for different scenarios.

High quality components

The Japan imported silent bearings last about five times longer than standard bearings, even with constant use over prolonged periods of time. Also imported, the synchronous belts provide high precision and torque, with excellent performance even in high load situations.

The carbon fibre tubes and the three wheel locking system, make it almost impossible to be bent out of shape when the manufacturer load limit is respected. By far more robust than a traditional slider, Shark Slider S1 benefits from increased resistance and can be used under any weather conditions.

Extendable design
Shark slider comes in a standard package as well as a bundle. If you purchase the extended version or the bundle, your slider can become as long as 1,200mm or 1,800mm (from the original 790mm) with the help of the extension tubes.

Smooth camera movement
The flywheel provides a damping effect through its centrifugal force, allowing you to have smooth acceleration/deceleration for the camera movement.

The belt and the synchronising wheel are perfectly connected to avoid any vibrations caused by the movement. Having a triangle structure means the slider gets maximum stability.

The bottom plate is equipped with support screws so the structure doesn't wobble when the slider is mounted on the tripod. If smooth and quiet video shoots are what you're looking for, then the shark slider offers the perfect solution.

iFootage S1A1S Wireless Motion Controller System

Thanks to the S1A1, the iFootage Shark Slider is motion control ready. The single axis system is designed to keep movement steady and automatic for time-lapses and shooting while panning. Its main components are the wireless shutter controller, the electronic motor section, and the wireless motorised controller. It has a small footprint which allows it to fit nicely into existing camera bags and eliminates the need for additional cases.

A completely programmable system

Just like actors who require practice to get that dialogue just right, videographers often need to reshoot the same scene repeatedly. This is where the S1A1 comes in; it registers up to 9 different tracks with programmed movements. The tracks are easily accessible from the data packet and can be reused as needed.

With repeated moves at different lengths of time, a wide range of visual effects can also be achieved easily. In addition, the S1A1 offers 'Manual Mode' which is perfect for run-and-gun style without losing precision. Its user friendly interface allows you to grab shots on-the-fly with no pre-programmed motion control.

Time lapse and stop motion at your fingertips
iFootage Single Axis' strength is the time-lapse shoot. It controls the time-lapse by the number of stills as well as length of time. It has an Ease In/Out function and a Preview setting which helps users understand the video effect before shooting therefore increasing their success rate. Stop motion is also made easy with the S1A1. All you have to do is set up the number of frames and the time and then simply advance through each position to achieve a flawless end product.

Built-in quality

You will instantly notice the build quality of S1A1. We understand that our users venture into extreme environments so the control system is built to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Solid aluminium and quality craftsmanship are trademarks of Shark Slider S1A1. It is solid and sturdy, supporting a maximum load of 8kg. With the 95WAH battery you will get a working time of approximately 12 hours in a continuous video shoot or 16 hours in time-lapse mode.

Product Specification

iFootage SHARK S1 Camera Slider

Shark Slider Specs

Weight: 3.8kg (with resistance pulley)
Materials: Carbon fibre, anodized aluminium, SUS304
Tube Diameter: 22mm
Max Length: 1350mm
Effective length: 1200mm
Max load: 2kg

  • 1x Shark S1 Slider
  • 1 x Electronic Motor section
  • 1 x Wireless shutter controller
  • 1 x Wireless motorized controller
  • 1 x S3M Timing belt
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 2 x Shutter cable
  • 1 x Data cable
  • 1 x Case
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 2 x Screw

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Batteries & Power Click to expand

SWIT S-8082S 95Wh V-Mount Battery

SWIT S-8082S 95Wh V-Mount Battery

£140.00 (ex vat) £168.00 (incl vat)
iFootage BP-2000 Battery

iFootage BP-2000 Battery

£335.00 (ex vat) £402.00 (incl vat)

Brackets & Mounts Click to expand

E-Image MH10 Slider Mounting Bracket for DSLR Cameras

E-Image MH10 Slider Mounting Bracket for DSLR Cameras

£40.00 (ex vat) £48.00 (incl vat)
iFootage R60 II Panoramic Rotation Unit

iFootage R60 II Panoramic Rotation Unit

£47.50 (ex vat) £57.00 (incl vat)

Was: £105.00 (ex vat) SAVE: £57.50 (ex vat)

Professional Battery Kits Click to expand

SWIT SP-82/302S Battery Kit

SWIT SP-82/302S Battery Kit

£425.00 (ex vat) £510.00 (incl vat)

Slider & Track Systems Click to expand

iFootage Shark Extension Tubes - 790mm to 1350mm

iFootage Shark Extension Tubes - 790mm to 1350mm

£75.00 (ex vat) £90.00 (incl vat)

Spares & Accessories Click to expand

iFootage Shark Slider Additional Weight Wheel

iFootage Shark Slider Additional Weight Wheel

£25.00 (ex vat) £30.00 (incl vat)

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