Konova K5 Slider Series

Lightweight Camera Slider

Konova K5 Slider Series

Konova K5 Slider Series

Lightweight Camera Slider

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  • Smooth, Solid, Precise
  • Can Be Used Vertically, Horizontally & Diagonally
  • Choice Of 4 Lengths
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Konova K5 Slider Series

Konova's K5 is a lightweight, ready-to-use slider ideal for cameras such as the Canon C300 and alike. Developed in response to demand from industry professionals, the K5 slider series features steel roller bearings for quiet movement and steel track for effortless slides.

Key Features

  • K5 vs K3 - The K5 features larger shaft and bearings for increased smoothness. In addition to this the K5 has an improved max load of 23kg aswell as 2 level bubbles. 
  • Slim & Solid Construction - Manufactured using high carbon bearing steel the K5 is extremely durable.
  • Smooth Sliding - Heat treatment and "Super finishing" of the rails makes slides with the K3 exceptionally smooth.
  • Accurate - Double row angular contact bearing which are over P5 grade offer brilliant running precision. (0.2mm in 4mm without accumulation)
  • Alter Resistance - There are two ways to adjust the friction on the slider; Simply use the red knob provided to adjust the tension or if you want more precise adjustment use the hex screws on top. (Details on how to do this are included in the "Set up guide".
  • Variety of Sizes - The K5 slider is available in 3 sizes; 80cm, 100cm, 120cm or 150cm.
  • Advanced Feet - Fully adjustable rubber feet allow for a secure set up on uneven surfaces.

Variety of shooting modes

  • Vertically - Mount your slider on a tripod using a ball or fluid head and you can flip it sideways. 
  • Diagonally - Combine the Konova slider with a ball head or 3/8" - 5/8" adapter to achieve push/pull , side slides, and even vertical shots. 
  • Horizontally - You don't just have to slide right to lefts. Push your camera into the subject or pull away. Get creative!

Product Specification

Capacity: 23KG

  • K5
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Tools
  • Soft Carry Case

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Size this model, please? 80mm, 100mm? 1 Answer

Posted on: Thursday, 26 February 2015
Posted by: domenico giordano

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1 Answer

Posted on: Thursday, 26 February 2015

Posted by: Dale Makepeace

Please select from the drop down options and it will confirm the length and price of the Konova K5,


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