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Lenses & Controllers

There will be some shots which will require a range of different lenses and accessories. Whether you’re trying to capture something completely different or create a specific effect, we have the lenses and accessories you need to do so.

Featuring some of the most well known and trusted brands, ProAV has an unrivalled range of products. Sony, Panasonic and Canon are just a handful of the brands we stock - have a look through and you’ll find many more.

The controllers will make things that much easier for you while you’re trying to shoot, so these are well worth the investment. You might also want to look at the bars, rods and extension cables. - all designed to make your production easier.

Whatever you’re looking for, ProAV’s range of lenses and controllers has it covered. If you need any assistance, click the Live Help button or give us a call on 01442 292929 and one of our staff will be happy to help. Don’t forget we also do next day delivery, so if you need your items fast or at the last minute, we can accommodate you.