PhotonBeard Level 6 Remote Controller

6 Channel Dimmer

PhotonBeard Level 6 Remote Controller

PhotonBeard Level 6 Remote Controller

6 Channel Dimmer

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  • Wide range of applications
  • Robust build quality
  • Ease of use
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PhotonBeard Level 6 Remote Controller

The new generation of silent dimmers from Photon Beard feature IGBT (insulated gate bi-polar transistor) devices which eliminate the heavy, noisy chokes of conventional triac dimmers. Because they are silent in operation these dimmers can be brought onto the set or distributed throughout the lighting rig close to the luminaries they serve. This greatly reduces the cost of fixed installations as there is no
need for a separate dimmer room, patch panels or dedicated cable runs.

A six channel remote controller using the analogue (0/+10v) control system for a wide range of applications, including the Highlight, analogue dimming lampheads. Fitted with DIN8 locking socket.

Product Specification

Power input: 220/240v 1 metre tough rubber sheathed tail fitted with 3 pin blue CEEform plug (16A or 32A according to model)
Power output: one 3 pin 16 amp blue CEEform socket per channel

Mounting: two M10 bushes in the top surface of the case, maximum screw depth 30mm.
Safety bonding: one 20mm diameter hole at each end of the case to take wire safety bonds.
Heavy gauge metal construction with rubberised ABS plastic side buffers ensure protection of the unit.

Size: 400mm wide x 237mm deep x 164mm high (16” x 91⁄2” x 61⁄2”).

Weight: 8kg (17lb 10oz)

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