Convergent Design Apollo / Odyssey Firmware

Convergent Design Apollo / Odyssey Firmware


Convergent Design have recently released the Odyssey Firmware - v2016.06 Apollo / Odyssey.

The Odyssey firmware v2016.06 has twenty-three new features that cover functions for Apollo, Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q, and Odyssey7. It also has twenty-two fixes and improvements to current functions also cover the same models, plus there are new versions of two free software apps. All of these updates are free to the owners of the Apollo and Odyssey products.

Of the many new features, fixes and improvements, while some were announced at NAB 2016, most are debuting with this announcement. Because this firmware is so expansive, Convergent Design has produced several videos to help illustrate and explain the new functionality. There is an overview of the new functions as well as four short instructional videos detailing specific functions. Additionally, because the functionality of Apollo was dramatically expanded, a new extensive Apollo Tutorial video is also available. For all videos please click the "Detailed release notes" link below.

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Convergent Design Apollo / Odyssey Firmware
Detailed release notes of the v2016.06 firmware

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