Sony HDC4300 firmware now available

Sony HDC4300 firmware now available


We are pleased to inform you that the new Firmware Version V1.21for HDC-4300 has been released.

Sony HDC4300 firmware update

Some key benefits from previous version are:

  • Supporting Live HDRfunction (SZC-4001 must be installed on HDC4300 and is only from slot 1)
  • Improved SDR-HDR Production Workflow
  • The WIDE-BC setting was added to the 4K color space setting: the conventional WIDE setting was renamed to WIDE-F
  • The HD standard speed format is selectable: the HD standard speed format can be selected even if SZC-4001 is not installed on HDC4300 ( SW > V1.30)
  • The HD standard speed was added to the SLOT1 format option
  • The HD CUTOUT function is supported
  • The camera VF signal selection is supported: in the HD HFR format, the video signal to return to the VF can be selected between 1 LINK of HFR and the standard speed
  • The LASER DIODE setting function is supported (When using a third-party SMF, Single Mode Fiber adapter)
  • Added new HD DOWNCONV FILTER setting: 1(V:0.3) and 1(V:0.6)
  • SNMP is supported.*1 *2
  • Other secondary improvements and corrections of functions

*1: When HKCU-IP43F is installed
*2: Operates in the following combination.
IP Live System Manager: V1.2.1 and higher
IP Live System Manager device setting plug-in: V1.1.3 and higher

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