Atomos Shogun Flame & Ninja Flame Released

Atomos Shogun Flame & Ninja Flame Released


Atomos Shogun Flame & Ninja Flame have today been announced to the broadcast market. These two great new products offer many new features (some of which are listed below), if you would like to view these products simply click the links below:


Atomos Shogun Flame

Atomos Ninja Flame


Activate AtomHDR to resolve the brightness detail of Log camera signals with the color accuracy of HDR images mastered in post production. This means that the usual complications of exposing Log signals on a washed out image (i.e. LUTs for LOOK management but compromise on detail or complicated calibration card and “rule of thumb” calculations) are eliminated – you simply frame, expose, focus and shoot.

Monitor quality

The monitor itself is a calibrated 7” 1920x1200 325ppi panel (just like Shogun and Ninja Assassin) but with upgraded 10–bit processing so that it resolves 1.07 billion colors compared to the 16.7 million colors of traditional 8–bit panels. This all but eliminates the color branding seen on traditional panels and in tandem with AtomHDR lets you see images as you would with your own eyes.

High brightness outdoor monitoring

For scenes that do not have the wide brightness variation of HDR, switch to traditional Rec709 and activate a Brightness slider that lets you take advantage of the  1500nits of brightness from the Flame units. This adds huge versatility for the Flame series – if you have scenes that call for HDR activate the AtomHDR mode but if you don’t, switch to High Bright mode for outdoor monitoring hood free.

Build & Power management

Shogun and Ninja Flame have rugged built in armour and also now includes the Atomos patented continuous power system pioneered on the HD range. The hot-swappable dual battery system automatically swaps to the second battery when power is low. we’ve moved the DC input to the back to be less obtrusive (won’t get knocked out) and we will include a coiled DC to D-Tap cable for connection to larger battery systems

Audio monitoring

The Ninja Assassin also gets mic level adjustment control over the audio line in and in terms of accessories it will get the full HPRC carry case like Shogun and all the accessories such as the USB dock, multiple drives, batteries, a new 3x faster battery charger etc.

These are the upgrades, but also don’t forget;

  • Recording to 4K/HD ProRes/DNxHR
  • Recording features like time lapse and pre-roll
  • Monitoring scopes for focus, framing and exposure
  • Monitoring capability for anamorphic with de-squeeze
  • Recording and monitoring audio as well
  • Playback with controls, play out and playlist capability
  • Editing tags that speed up decision making in Post
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