Bright Tangerine - NAB 2018 Product Releases

Bright Tangerine - NAB 2018 Product Releases

Bright Tangerine have announced a number of new products that will be available in the very near future. A brief overview of the products can be found below and you should be able to find them on our site shortly.

Clash 138

Following on from the success of the Misfit Atom, the Clash 138 adds a third filter stage for polarisation. A circular 138mm round filter can be mounted using a retaining ring that offers up to 120-degrees of rotation, more than enough for a polariser which only requires 90-degrees.

Alexa Mini Range

The Alexa Mini range includes both mechanical and electronic components designed to expand the power connections available for the Alexa Mini and other camera accessories while also providing protection and even further versatility for the Alexa Mini. All the components are low profile to maintain the cameras compact form.

The first batch of units will be available to order shortly after NAB with shipping to follow at the start of May.

Bright Tangerine Accessories Range

Following on, Bright Tangerine will also be developing a range of general camera accessories including quick release bridge plates, carry handles and accessory. In addition to these, a line of accessories for the Canon C200 is in development with prototypes to be shown at NAB 2018.

Titan Quick Release System

The Quick Release System features a 2-stage release with a safety eject button that will give you instant mounting of accessories to your Titan Arm.

The system has been designed to be modular, suiting a wide range of setups whether you have 1/4", 3/8" or ARRI accessory mounts. Bright Tangerine even have an adaptor to provide anti-twist for cages that only have 1/4" ports.

The Titan Arm Quick Release System consists of four components and will be available individually or in kits.

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