IBC 2017 Latest News - New Sony Products Announced

IBC 2017 Latest News - New Sony Products Announced


Sony announces a new generation DWX Series digital wireless microphone system with low audio latency of 1.2ms


At IBC 2017, Sony is announcing a new generation digital wireless microphone system to meet the demands for theatres and live applications. The latest DWX series provides high-quality sound with low audio latency of 1.2ms1, reliable operation by using a high dynamic range RF circuit and 4 diversity antenna operation, and supports Dante®, a digital audio over IP networking technology.

Since its debut in 2008, Sony’s innovative DWX series has been widely adopted to streamline workflows for multiple applications including live events, news gathering, theatres, field production, broadcast studios, as well as sound recording. Successfully deployed at various field operations with positive customer case studies, the digital wireless microphone system seamlessly brings world-leading analogue microphone and wireless audio transmission technologies into the digital domain.

Building on the DWX-N series, the new 3rd generation system includes the DWT-B03R digital wireless transmitter, the DWR-R03D digital wireless receiver, the BC-DWX1 battery charger and the ECM-77LM electret condenser microphone.

Sony DWT-B03R Digital Belt-Pack Transmitter

The small , lightweight and sweat-proof bodypack transmitter is ideal for theatre, drama and movie production. It offers a remarkably low audio latency of 1.2ms1, with 148MHz wideband operation. It utilises a rechargeable Li-ion battery that equips users with many hours of battery operation time

Sony DWR-R03D Digital Wireless Radio Mic Receiver

The 1U wideband 2-channel rack-mount receiver is equipped with Dante®, a digital audio over IP networking technology. It supports redundancy and headphone monitoring, as well as multi-channel network audio. Accompanied with a high dynamic range RF circuit that has excellent input characteristics for great receiving performance, and 4 diversity antenna operation, the digital wireless receiver achieves reliable transmission stability. Wireless Studio software is compatible with DWR-R03D and BC-DWX1

Sony DWX-BC1 Charger Unit

The battery charger for DWT-B03R and NP-BX1 is equipped with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities. Users can monitor the charging status via Wireless Studio PC software, and can also charge up to two bodypacks or two batteries at one time. The interlocking mechanism allows easy integration for storage and transportation

Sony ECM-77LM Miniature Omni-Directional Microphone

The new addition ECM-77LM miniature, omnidirectional electret condenser microphone now utilises the small 3-pin connector. It provides a wide frequency response, high sensitivity, and low-noise characteristics.

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