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Sony Winter Camcorder Cashback

Sony Winter Camcorder Cashback
Sony Winter Camcorder Cashback Sony Winter Camcorder Cashback

Sony and Proactive have teamed together to bring you some great savings on selected camcorders. From the 1st of December to the 31st of March 2017, customers will be able to claim cashback up to the value of £346! The camcorder models that are included in this great offer are listed below, along with the amount you can claim back.

In order to claim this fantastic offer, simply follow the steps below:

Steps to participate:

  • Purchase an eligible product within the promotional dates
  • Scan in invoice
  • Take picture of serial number from your product
  • Have available your bank account details. IBAN and BIC format details found in FAQ. Do not provide spaces.
  • Click here to Claim and to complete the Sony Winter Camcorder Cashback participation form
  • You will receive during the process:
    - A registration code starting with 146232… (13 digits)
    - A confirmation email that your claim is either compliant or needs re-submitting with further information or is rejected
    - If compliant, you will then receive a confirmation that the cashback will shortly be transferred into your account

Eligible Models...

Sony FS7 Sony FS7

PXW-FS7 - Claim £346 cashback!
PXW-FS7K - Claim £346 cashback!

Sony FS5 Sony FS5

PXW-FS5 - Claim £260 cashback!
PXW-FS5K - Claim £260 cashback!

Sony Z150 Sony Z150

PXW-Z150 - Claim £173 cashback!

Sony X70 Sony X70

PXW-X70 - Claim £130 cashback!

*Terms & conditions apply - Please check Sony website for full terms and conditions.

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