MTF Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

MTF Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

MTF Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

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MTF Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adaptor

The worlds first Nikon to 1/3" bayonet adaptor and still popular 7 years later

Perfect for shooting extreme telephoto, this adaptor allows the use of the full range of Nikon and Nikon mounted lenses.
This adapter works with the following cameras:

JVC GY-HD 100 or 200
Sony HVR-Z7
Sony HVR-S270
Panasonic HPX300 and the new AG-HPX370
(Please note. Using this adaptor will introduce a magnification factor of 7.2X)
Why should I use a Nikon lens on my 1/3" camera? For anyone filming wildlife, surveillance, super macro or just want extreme focal length in general, using a Nikon lens can prove the most cost effective way of achieving this. Many people already have a selection of SLR lenses, but if not, these can be purchased second hand inexpensively.
How does it work? Because of the difference in format size between 35mm lenses and the Sony 1/2" CCD, the camera only sees the central portion of the len's image. This resulting image gives an angle of view equivalent to 7.2X the len's focal length.
For example, a 200mm lens will give an angle of view of a 1440mm lens.
Will I get shallow depth of field? No. Depth of field is dictated more by the size of your cameras imaging system. However, as many people like to use the longer lenses wide open, a modicum of shallow DOF may be apparent but this is a result of using long lenses and NOT the adaptor.
Is there any light loss or vignetting? As this is a mechanical adaptor with no glass, there will be no light loss. Because the len's image is larger than the camera CCD, there is no vignetting. Even though not all of the len's image is used, the light intensity remains the same. This also means that the len's aperture scale will still be valid and accurate.
What materials do you use? We always use HE30 aluminium. Not as easy to work with, but stronger than softer grades known as "freecut". Although we anodise some parts blue, the internals are ALWAYS anodised black for photographic safety. Our Nikon mounts are machined from solid brass and nickel plated for hard wearing and accuracy.
Can I focus to infinity and the len's MOD? Yes, of course. Plus the len's focus scale will be valid and accurate. The adaptor has been designed with absolute precision. Unlike some other companies vague claims, Mike Tapa, has been designing this type of equipment for over 20 years, his career achievements are specific and documented and he is well versed in designing, testing and manufacturing to tolerances of 0.01mm.
Where can I see video clips where this adaptor has been used? Some of our customers have put our equipment to very good use and they have been kind enough to allow us to publish some of their work here

Other Camera Fits: JVC GY-HM700, Panasonic AG-HPX370, Panasonic HXP300, Sony HVR-S270, Sony HVR-Z7, JVC GY-HD 100, JVC GY-HD 250
Other Lens Fits: Nikon / Nikon G

Product Specification


Lens Type Mag. Factor Full Frame 7.2X Nikon DX 4.83X
Spec Build Quality: HE30 aluminium body, Brass Nickel plated Nikon mount
Weight: 50 g

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