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The J-Rod Original J-ROD Twin Shoe

Twin Mount

The J-Rod Original J-ROD Twin Shoe

The J-Rod Original J-ROD Twin Shoe

Twin Mount


Cat no: 8901

  • Fits Any Video Camera Microphone Clamp
  • Gives You 2 Shoe Mounts
  • Weighs Just Under 3oz
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The J-Rod Original J-ROD Twin Shoe

Twin Mount

The Original J-Rod Twin Shoe is designed to work with the mic clamp on all video cameras. Compact cameras with a microphone clamp benefit most since they have limited mounting points.

Giving you 2 shoe mounts The J-Rod allows a microphone and a radio receiver to be mounted on the J-Rod. This will leave your camera shoe open for a light, hard disc, or extra receiver. The Twin Mount will fit in any video camera microphone clamp.

Key Features:

  • The Twin Mount will work with any camera featuring a microphone clamp. Among some of the compatible cameras are the Sony Z5, Z7, A1, EX1R, EX3, Canon A1 and A1S, G1 and G1S, XL-H1, XL2, XF300, XF305, Panasonic DVC20, DVX100B, HMC150, HMC70, etc.
  • Two neoprene isolated shoe mounts for quiet and stable mounting
  • Lightweight yet durable weighing just under 3oz

Product Specification

Length: 6 inches
Diameter: 1 inch
Material: Black anodized aluminum and metal shoes
Weight: Under 2 ounces

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