Protech ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for PMW-300

Professional Shoulder Rig

Protech ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for PMW-300

Protech ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for PMW-300

Professional Shoulder Rig

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Cat no: 10887

  • Light & robust aluminum die-cast body
  • Great weight balance
  • Soft type shoulder pad
  • Power supply from V-mount battery
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Protech ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for PMW-300

Protech's ST-7S300 is a dedicated shoulder rig for Sony's PMW-300 offering comfortable and professional operation.

Weight Balance - The key to any shoulder rig is weight distribution whatever the camera size. The ST-7S300 has been designed to establish a perfect weight balance with the PMW-300 along with large Lithium Ion battery.

Manual Lens Operation -The PMW-300 features an interchangeable lens which is great for professional users but not ideal for weight balance with heavier lenses. The ST-7S300 overcomes this by using a rear V-mount battery plate allowing you to achieve perfect on-shoulder balance.

Soft Shoulder Pad - An integrated rubberised shoulder pad combines comfort and simplicity. The pad molds to any shoulder without slipping and maintains excellent balance aswell as alleviating pain that comer harder shoulder pads can cause.

V-Mount Battery Operation - The V-mount battery terminal expands your power options and allows for other accessories to be mounted to the back end of your rig.
A 12VDC output (4-pin XLR-Female & D-Tap) is available to supply power to camera accessories and lights.

Power Switch - The DC power switch is located on the front inside of the rig. LED light indicator displays power-on and battery empty.

Direct attachment onto VCT-14 type tripod adaptor - Quick Release Benefits - The ST-7JS300 is supplied with plate for a quick release tripod plate, allowing it to attach directly to popular quick-release tripod adapters (compatible for Sony VCT-14).

BNC Terminals - Three BNC terminals are useful for quick-release of cables, or to prevent the mechanical break of the original BNC connectors on the camcorder.
Handle attachment - On the top handle which is specifically designed for the PMW-300's hand grip, there is a window to see IrDA remote signal detector and Tally indicator, and also there is a ¼-inch and 3 x M5 screw holes where any accessories can be attached.

Easy to carry - The ST-7S300 product includes 1 x Main body, 1 x handle attachment and the DC supply cable (same one as DC-EX3). These can be built with PMW-300 very easily just with a coin. This results in very compact transportation, for example in case of travel by flight, PMW-300 itself should be hand-carried to the cabin in compact bag, and then other accessories including ST-7S300 can be checked-in.

Studio operation - By adding more options for zoom & focus demand and large type Viewfinder, PMW-300 and ST-7S300 can work like a studio type camera. This is a great benefit for customers as a budget solution, since one PMW-300 camera can work for multi-purposes.

  • 1 x Main body
  • 1 x Handle attachment
  • 1 x DC cable

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