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Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U Microphone Kit

Complete Windshield Kit

Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U Microphone Kit

Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U Microphone Kit

Complete Windshield Kit

SKU: 19346

Cat no: 8148

  • High Sensitivity
  • Rugged Material
  • Complete windshield system
  • Shock mount bands to suspend the mic
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Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U Microphone Kit

The MKH 416 is a short shotgun interference tube microphone. Its excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection make the MKH 416 a superb all-round microphone for film, radio and television, especially for outside broadcast applications.
Items Included:
1 MKH 416 P 48 U 3
1 MZW 415 windshield
1 MZQ 100 microphone clamp
Key Features:

Increased directivity due to interference tube principle

Very low inherent self-noise

High sensitivity

Transformerless and fully floating balanced output

Rugged, suitable for adverse climatic conditions

Matt black all-metal body

Product Specification

Pick-up pattern super-cardioid/lobar
Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 25 mV/Pa +- 1 dB
Nominal impedance 25 Ohm
Min. terminating impedance 800 Ohm
Equivalent noise level 13 dB
Equivalent noise level weighted as per CIR 468-3 24 dB
Voltage Phantom 48 +- 12 V
Current consumption 2 mA
Dimensions d 19 x 250 mm
Weight 165 g

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