Sony DWZ-M70 DWZ Series Digital Wireless Microphone Set

DWZ Series digital wireless microphone set for vocal/speech with handheld transmitter

Sony DWZ-M70 DWZ Series Digital Wireless Microphone Set

Sony DWZ-M70 DWZ Series Digital Wireless Microphone Set

DWZ Series digital wireless microphone set for vocal/speech with handheld transmitter


Cat no: 14207

  • Superb digital sound quality
  • Two RF modes for reliable transmission
  • Intelligent Feedback Reducer function
  • Rack-mountable 1U half-rack size with detachable whip antenna
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Sony DWZ-M70 DWZ Series Digital Wireless Microphone Set

DWZ Series digital wireless microphone set for vocal/speech with handheld transmitter

Package features ZRX-HR70 digital wireless half-rack receiver and ZTX-M02RC digital wireless handheld transmitter

The vocal/speech set version of the DWZ digital wireless microphone system offers high quality 24-bit / 48KHz linear PCM digital transmission and is optimised for applications such as congress centres, universities, schools, community halls, hotels, board rooms and small theatres. The microphone’s interchangeable capsule design supports a choice of capsules, including Sony’s CU-C31, CU-F31 and CU-F32. The system also includes AES 128-bit encryption technology to ensure highly secure transmission.

Superb digital sound with intelligent feedback reducer
With 24-bit linear PCM digital, you get high sound quality with reliable RF transmission, utilising unique transmission technology developed by Sony. Also, with support for two RF modes, your experiences can be shared over WiFi. The Intelligent Feedback Reducer function supresses unwanted feedback.

Superb digital sound quality
High-quality 24-bit linear PCM digital transmission offers pristine audio and a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. Audio performance degradation that’s typical of conventional analogue wireless systems is avoided, as these packages are designed without the need for a compander.

Two RF modes for reliable transmission
The DWZ Series provides two selectable RF modes. Simply choose the one that makes best use of your actual 2.4 GHz RF environment:

Wide Band Hopping mode
This mode reduces interference to other wireless equipment used in the same environment such as WiFi. There’s no need for advanced technical knowledge about radio frequency. Wide Band Hopping mode also supports additional error correction for more secure transmission*1.

Narrow Band Hopping mode
This mode helps to avoid interference from other devices – for example, 2.4 GHz wireless remote controllers that are commonly used for lighting control. This enables frequencies to be coordinated when using multiple wireless systems simultaneously*2.

*1 Audio delay: Approx. 6 ms
*2 Audio delay: Approx. 3 ms

Intelligent Feedback Reducer function
The Sony Intelligent Feedback Reducer can suppress unwanted feedback (howling) with high-performance DSP and Sony’s unique algorithms designed to eliminate feedback before it becomes unbearable. Up to 1024-band suppression filters are continuously tuned automatically in real time, eliminating feedback and avoiding deteriorating the original signal; this delivers the highest quality sound that can be enjoyed by presenters, vocalists and audiences. You can freely select the audio outputs to which you want this feedback reduction filter to apply – for example, you can output original audio to the main PA system, while processed audio is delivered to your monitor speakers.

Stable transmission
Interruptions in reception (signal dropout) can be a problem with wireless microphone transmission systems. With the DWZ Series, however, dropouts are reduced to a minimum. Utilizing a space diversity reception system, stable reception is achieved by using dual-antenna inputs / reception circuits. These receive signals over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.

Highly secure transmission
The ZTX-HR70 offers AES 128-bit standard encryption technology to secure transmitted signals and avoid being intercepted by others. By using this encryption feature, users can reduce the worry that confidential information could be intercepted.

Large colour LCD
The ZRX-HR70 half-rack size receiver includes a large colour LCD display to provide detailed visual status of your selected channel, signal, and five-band digital equalizer, along with audio level, and transmitter battery life.

Fast and easy setup
With its Clear Channel Scan and Best Channel Selection features, the half-rack ZRX-HR70 detects unoccupied channels and selects the most appropriate channel automatically, for fast and easy system setup.

Wired / wireless seamless operation
The ZRX-HR70 is equipped with a Cable Tone Generator feature to simulate a wired tone when using wireless. There’s no need to adjust the equalizer setting on your amplifier when switching between wired and wireless. Simply set the Cable Tone Generator menu on the ZRX-HR70 display to match the desired wired tone.

Five-band equaliser
With the five-band digital equalizer in the half- rack ZRX-HR70 receiver, you’ll find it’s easy to adjust the sound character of your handheld microphone as desired.

Tuner out interface
Tuner output is available for tuning. The ZRX-HR70 also has a transmitter-muting selector, which provides a choice of connectors that can be muted.

Rack-mountable 1U half-rack size with detachable whip antenna
The ZRX-HR70 is mountable with optional RMM-HRD1 rack mount kit.

Variety of interfaces
The ZRX-HR70 features 3-way parallel audio output, ¼” TS phone (x2), and balanced XLR (x1).

Interchangeable capsule design, with a flexible choice of capsules, including CU-C31, CU-F31 and CU-F32
With the handheld transmitter, you can use the supplied high-quality dynamic cardioid microphone capsule. Alternatively, you can select any of Sony’s DWX Series capsules (the thread pitch is 1.25”/28 (31.3 mm/pitch 1.0 mm threading))*.

*Use of third-party capsules may cause RFI or EMF noise.

Robust metal body
The ZTX-M02RC is made of strong durable metal. Metal construction supports reliable use in rough operating conditions.

Easy-to-use operation
The ZTX-M02RC features a latch switch for power on/off for conventional operation.

Two AA battery operation and contactless rechargeable function
The ZTX-M02RC is powered by AA batteries with a contactless rechargeable function (with optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger).

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