Sony SRG300SE Remote Camera

Remote Camera

Sony SRG300SE Remote Camera

Remote Camera


Cat no: 14005

  • Ceiling mountable
  • 170º pan angle
  • 1 to 1/10,000s shutter speed
  • 4.3 - 129mm focal length
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Sony SRG300SE Remote Camera

Communication anytime. Anywhere

HD resolution visual-imaging camera, which uses 3G SDI cables - making it ideal for use not just for Videoconferencing but also in auditoriums, for live streaming, event recording etc.

The SRG-300SE can deliver 3G-SDI video whilst streaming over the net making it possible to have 2 separate simultaneous video outputs. This is especially useful in LIVE events where you can stream live video over the net and use 3G-SDI to record it.

View-DR Technology

View-DR uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images at different exposures, these are combined in real time to produce each wide-dynamic video frame.

The resulting image is processed by a technology called Visibility Enhancer to further improve the chrominance and luminance, resulting in natural looking, wide dynamic images even better than the naked human eye can perceive.

Adaptable. Versatile. Portable

There are a number of key application areas where the SRG-300SE brings clarity and adaptability to all.

Boost student engagement and connect pupils with other classrooms. Capture teacher's presentations with Full HD video and crisp audio for live streaming to other campus areas or anywhere in the world. Everything's clear, even in a harshly sun-drenched classroom or on dull days where other cameras struggle. Teaching sessions can be recorded for review, sharing and self-study.

Lecture Capture
Make every lecture a live event and stream Full HD video to other students. The camera's wide field of view can capture everyone in the room. Smooth, silent PTZ allows instant re-framing without disturbing your audience. Or zoom in from the back of an auditorium for power-packed close-ups of the lecturer.

Telemedicine and medical training
Enhance teaching for medical students with a clear view of procedures in the Operating Room, transmitted live over IP to lecture theatres or teaching rooms. Record surgical procedures or seminars for archive, analysis and sharing with students or other consultants.

Bring sales presentations, conferences and all-company meetings to life for every stakeholder. Capture clear Full HD video images, even in dimly-lit boardrooms. Focus on any speaker in the room with smooth, silent PTZ operation and capture crisp audio with an attached microphone. Stream meetings and conferences live to other sites and record simultaneously for the web or archive.

Auditoriums/Areas (low end AV)
Installed permanently in any auditorium or hall, the SRG-300SE can be used to stream or record presentations, meetings, conferences and live performances. Full HD video quality and smooth, silent PTZ is complemented by crystal-clear digital sound from an attached microphone.

Made for presenters

Lively, dynamic presentations

Low Latency connections to ensure real time communication and no uncomfortable delays.
Possible to use on a desk, or mounted on the ceiling for maximum flexibility.
View-DR technology allows you to see images clearly no matter where you are (dark, light settings etc).
Competitively prices from a trusted brand.
Ideal for Tele-Medicine and medical learning capability.

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* Finance available to UK incorporated limited companies only

Photolease Company Finance from £44.94 (ex VAT) per month.

All lease figures below exclude VAT. Finance available to UK incorporated limited companies only.

Term (months) First Payment Monthly Payments Admin Fee Total Payment
60 £94.94 £44.94 £50.00 £2,746.25
48 £103.17 £53.17 £50.00 £2,602.32
36 £117.13 £67.13 £50.00 £2,466.55
24 £144.91 £94.91 £50.00 £2,327.90
12 £228.17 £178.17 £50.00 £2,188.05

Select "Photolease finance" as the payment option at checkout. Finance is only available to UK incorporated limited companies. A minimum basket total of £1,000.00 applies, Photolease will normally contact you within one hour of receipt of your application if sent during business hours of 9am - 5pm (BST), Monday to Friday.

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