SWIT SP-132/304A Battery & Charger Kit

Professional Battery & Charger Kit

SWIT SP-132/304A Battery & Charger Kit

SWIT SP-132/304A Battery & Charger Kit

Professional Battery & Charger Kit

SKU: 34238

Cat no: 10306

  • 2 Channel Simultaneous Charger
  • 63Wh+63Wh Separable design
  • Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
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Swit SP-132/304A Battery & Charger Kit

Kit Contains:
2 x Swit S-8132A 63+63Wh Gold Mount Batteries
1 x Swit SC-304A Charger

Swit S-8132A 63+63Wh Gold Mount Battery

Swit first developed separable batteries in 2007 as IATA DGR regulations restricted the air transportation of Lithium Ion Batteries over 100wh. The Swit S-8132A overcomes this by physically separating into two 63wh cells. The individual 63wh cells then connect together in order to provide 126wh of power and cannot be used unless docked together.

Swit's S-8132A is a 126WH 14.4V, Gold-mount battery with a maximum 8A output. The battery splits into two 63wh sections to comply with IATA DGR Flight regulations and features a D-tap Power output socket for powering on- camera lights and other accessories. A 4-level LED indicator displays remaining power before mounting to camera, and a connecting shoe allows for wireless receiver (S-7002) to be connected.

Swit SC-304A Charger

The Swit SC-304A is an intelligent two-channel charger, which can identify the battery chemical type and will charge Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries.

This charger is capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously and is CE approved.

Product Specification

SC-304A Specs:
AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
DC 14V-20V, 1.9A×2
Applicable Battery:
Gold mount battery

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