PhotonBeard 'The Square One' Fluorescent Light

Broadcast Quality Light

PhotonBeard 'The Square One' Fluorescent Light

Broadcast Quality Light

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Cat no: 9600

  • Choice of Daylight or Tungsten Tubes
  • Removable Barn Doors Included
  • Rear Panel Dimmer Control
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£595.00 (ex vat) £714.00 (incl vat)

Photon Beard 'The Square One' Fluorescent Light

Featuring eighth 5/8" diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum and predictable broadcast quality light.

At only 64W 'The Square One' gives a powerful soft illumination for a natural look that is both gentle on the eye of the subject and yet more powerful than many comparably sized luminaires. It is mains powered at 90-260V 50/60Hz via an optional V mount batttery pack that will accept two V mount batteries.

There is a rotatable dimmer on the rear panel for greater control, for use with either power option.

Each 'Square One' comes with a set of Osram broadcast quality, High CRI tubes in either Tungsten or Daylight balanced colour temperature.

The detachable stirrup has a 16mm socket attached for mounting onto stands or other common grip options. Once the stirrup is removed you can quickly fit the 16mm socket onto either side to give you a very compact mounting option for reduced space locations such as car interiors.

A removable set of barn doors is also included, which can be used to house honeycomb grids, diffusion panels, colour filter gel etc..

'The Square One' comes with a choice of either Tungsten or Daylight tubes. Please select your requirements from the drop down menu on ordering.

Product Specification

Weight: 2.5Kg
Mounting via 16mm socket
Power input: 12V DC

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