5 Reasons why our customers choose the Sony A7R III

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One: Hybrid Stills and Video

The Sony A7R III is a very good hybrid stills and video camera. The stills side of this camera is very impressive, it has a very high megapixel 42.4-megapixel sensor which is fantastic for landscape shooting. The video side of the camera it has small, but still high quality and easy to work with video codec's. So for those who are moving across from photography to video, or those who don't need the absolute highest quality video files, the A7R III is a great balance between the two worlds. A7R III

Two: Size

Like with most mirrorless cameras, the size of the A7R III is really appealing. It's small enough to be able to shoot with all day for either stills or video, without getting tired. And its one of those cameras where if your taking more than one out, or are planning on using it as a b-camera, its small enough to not bother you in your camera bag, and can go anywhere, just in case.A7R III

Three: AF Performance

Now, talking about how good a camera's autofocus is usually reserved for when we talk about Canon cameras. But the A7R III has great autofocus in both stills and video. On the stills side its great across the board, especially when you compare it to their previous generations. But our favourite feature of this camera is the eye AF. Being able to focus on, and track your subject eye is just brilliant, it's very quick and reliable. On the video side, Sony has really stepped up their game with autofocus recently, it's not quite up to Canons high standard of autofocus, but its a very close second place, and we're really excited to see what Sony do with their autofocus in the future.A7R III

Four: High-Quality EVF

The EVF's on mirrorless cameras are always a great option for monitoring your image, especially on a bright sunny day, it's the closest thing you're going to get to a cinema style EVF on a mirrorless camera, and they work great. But the EVF on the A7R III is of a really good quality and is a fantastic way of monitoring your image in all conditions.A7R III

Five: Full Frame or APSC Crop

Possibly one of the most overlooked features of this camera is the ability to choose whether you want to shoot full frame or crop into the sensor. Not only does this allow you to use a wider range of lenses on the camera, but it can also act as a built-in teleconverter for your lens. So when shooting either stills or video, with just the push of a button you can crop into your sensor to get that little bit closer to your subject. You can also set the camera to apply the APSC crop through one of the assignable buttons, so switching between the two couldn't be easier.A7R III

Buy the A7R III 

This video was filmed using:
Main Camera - Canon C700 FF
B Camera - C200
Lens - Canon 24-70 F2.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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