5 Reasons our customers choose the Sony Z90/ NX80

Small camcorders are sometimes overlooked by some operators, but they are still very popular cameras, and there are some use cases where they are the best way to get the job done. Here are the five reasons why our customers choose the Sony Z90/ NX80. Now there are some slight differences between the Z90 and NX80, (such as the Z90 being the higher end model with an SDI port) but all of our points below, apply to both cameras.

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1 - Image Quality

Despite being a smaller sized camera than some of Sony's other camcorders, the image quality does hold up very well, by stepping up to a bigger camcorder, you get the better ergonomics and codecs, but the image quality from the Z90/NX80 really do pack a lot of punch for the size of the camera.

2 - Convenience

One of the main reasons why you would choose a smaller camcorder like the Z90/NX80 is because of the added convenience. Using a smaller camera like this is very easy, and the camera offers some great automatic features as well, such as vastly improved autofocus over their predecessors. A full working package for these cameras weigh in at just over 1KG (with the top handle and large battery) so they're not going to tire you out from operating them.

3 - Second Camera

Now, this point does refer back to our first point about image quality, but because the image quality on these cameras are so good, it makes it really easy to use the Z90/NX80 as a B-Camera to one of Sony's larger cameras. The camera benefits from having the same colour science and look, making it very easy to match the cameras up in post-production.

4 - Autofocus

Autofocus on camcorders are always a big selling point, and on the Z90/NX80 the autofocus is very reliable, accurate and controllable. There are several ways to use the autofocus, you can leave the camera's autofocus in auto, where it will automatically keep what it thinks should be in focus, in focus (this works very well, and is a great option if you hand the camera off to an inexperienced operator). Or you can tap on the screen to tell the camera where to focus, that can either be a persons face, or an object.

5 - HDR Workflow

A feature that we are very happy to see included in more and more cameras nowdays, is HDR support, and the Z90/NX80 have fantastic HDR support in the form of HLG, which is great for HDR delivery, or for future proofing your work.

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This video was filmed using:
Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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