5 Reasons why our customers choose the C300 MK II

One - The Sensor

We all love Canon's colour science, and guess what? The C300 MK II doesn't disappoint. Inside is a fantastic super 35mm sensor, with 15 stops of dynamic range. Capable of recording 4K up to 30fps, and up to 120fps with a HD crop. The colours of this camera is one of the main reasons that we choose to use it for a great deal of our videos. Even in C-log2, which is more aggressive log format than C-Log 3 or original C-Log, it's very easy to get great looking colours with minimal post production.

Canon have also enabled RAW output over the SDI port, so pair the C300 II with a compatible Monitor / Recorder and you can record Prores RAW or Cinema DNG for when you need the best image quality possible.C300 MKII

Two - The Build Quality

The C300 II is one of the most rugged cameras we sell. The build quality is a huge improvement over the original C300 and is a large reason why this is so popular with documentary shooters and rental companies. The top handle is securely attached with a whole new design, the EVF is strong and secure and the monitor / audio cables are now detachable so if they are damaged they can be easily replaced.

All the ports you need in a professional environment are present and accounted for, 2x XLR's, 2x SDI, HDMI, Genlock, Timecode, Lanc and more. Dual C-Fast 2.0 card slots and an SD card for proxies should please even the most demanding of users.C300 MKII

Three - Codecs

The C300 II is clearly aimed at high end TV production, Documentaries and low budget Feature Films, and the codec's inside perfectly represent that. Canon have struck a perfect balance between having high quality files for demanding productions, and files which are easy and simple to edit for a quick turnaround.

Using their XFAVC format, you can record 4K up to 30fps in 410Mbps 10 bit 4.2.2, or at 2K/1080p you can do 225Mbps 12 bit 4.4.4. This 2K 12 bit format is very popular for customers who need to use green screen, as all that extra colour information is perfect for chroma keying.C300 MKII

Four - Autofocus

As with most of Canon cinema line up, one of the biggest strength of the C300 II is the autofocus performance. Gone are the days of professionals avoiding autofocus, the C300 II is accurate, fast, reliable and smooth when focusing. Canon's dual pixel autofocus is the most advanced and controllable autofocus system to date and it shows. Our favourite feature by far is the face only mode, where the camera will be in manual until it finds a face, then as soon as it loses the face it is back to manual control. We use this all the time for our piece to cameras and it is completely reliable. If you spend a lot of your time filming piece to cameras or interviews this will make your life incredibly easier.C300 MKII

Five - Simplicity and Reliability

Yes the C300 II is an advanced and complicated camera, but Canon do a great job of making it feel simple. The buttons and menus are logically laid out and will feel familiar to anyone used to Canon's line up of cameras, from a 5D to a C700. For such an advanced professional camera, the C300 II is very easy to use. Perfect for fast paced environments.


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This video was filmed using:
Main Camera - Canon EOS R
Lens - Sigma 18-35mm F1.8
Audio - Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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