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8K Doesn't Always Mean Huge Files | RED R3D

For many, the idea of recording 8K 16-bit RAW video is a terrifying prospect. Images of unmanageable files sizes, long transfer times, huge piles of hard drives, and slow proxy workflows understandably spring to mind. After all, 8K is 4 times as many pixels as 4K.

RED however are no strangers to high resolutions, after all it was them that really made 4K capture feasible back in 2007 with the original RED One. Because of RED's efficient wavelet compression, very few people actually use the highest quality options in the RED cameras. 8:1, 10:1, or even higher, are perfectly acceptable recording formats with very little visible quality loss.

This makes using 8K 16-bit raw, far easier than you may think. Easier on your media, easier on your hard drives, easier on your computers processor, and easier on your wallet.

RED Gemini DSMC28:1 R3D as a standard format

Throughout this video, we used 8:1 as the reference compression choice on the Monstro and Gemini. This is primarily due to Netflix's approved cameras and formats guideline which you can view here. RED cameras are hugely popular for streaming productions like Netflix originals because of their natural fit for 4K HDR delivery. With the newer cameras like the Monstro, Helium and Gemini, Netflix recommend a redcode value of between 5:1 and 8:1 Because of this, the majority of productions use 8:1 as it offers a fantastic balance between quality at the highest level, and practical data rates for the production to handle.

The big surprise though, is that if you use the Monstro in 8K at 8:1 as your standard compression level, it actually becomes much more manageable than the raw formats from RED's competition, even some Prores formats. This becomes even more obvious when you go down to the 5K Gemini sensor. At 8:1, the Gemini actually has smaller file sizes in  5K 16-bit RAW than the Sony Venice does in 4K XAVC-I which isn't a RAW format.


Time for some numbers:

In the chart below you'll find a range of codecs and resolutions from various cameras, and we've highlighted some key lines for quick reference.


Camera Codec & Resolution Codec Bit Depth Resolution Datarate Record time on 960GB Card
RED Monstro Redcode 2:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 5gbps 25m
RED Monstro Redcode 5:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 2gbps 1h 3m
RED Monstro  Redcode 8:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 1.3gbps 1h 40m
RED Monstro Redcode 10:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 1gbps 2h 6m
RED Monstro Redcode 15:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 680mbps 3h 8m
RED Monstro Redcode 22:1 16 bit 8K  8192x4320 465mbps 4h 35m
RED Gemini Redcode 2:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 2gbps 1h 5m
RED Gemini Redcode 5:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 800mbps 2h 40m
RED Gemini Redcode 8:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 498mbps 4h 17m
RED Gemini Redcode 10:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 397mbps 5h 22m
RED Gemini Redcode 15:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 266mbps 8h 22m
RED Gemini Redcode 22:1 16 bit 5K 5120x2700 182mbps 11h 45m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Arri Raw 12bit 4.5K 4448x3096 4gbps 32m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Arri Raw HDE 12bit 4.5K 4448x3096 2.4gbps 54m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Prores XQ 12bit 4.5K 4448x3096 3gbps 43m
Arri Alexa Mini LF ProRres 4444 12bit 4.5K 4448x3096 2gbps 1h 4m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Prores HQ 10bit 4.5K 4448x3096 1.3gbps 1h 37m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Prores XQ 12bit 2K 2048x1152 507mbps 4h 12m
Arri Alexa Mini LF ProRres 4444 12bit 2K 2048x1152 338mbps 6h 19m
Arri Alexa Mini LF Prores HQ 10bit 2K 2048x1152 226mbps 1h 37m
Arri Alexa Mini  Arri Raw 12bit 2.8K 2880x1620 1.3gbps 1h 35m
Arri Alexa Mini Arri Raw HDE 12bit 2.8K 2880x1620 807mbps 2h 39m
Arri Alexa Mini Prores XQ 12bit 2.8K 2880x1620 1.4gbps 1h 34m
Arri Alexa Mini ProRres 4444 12bit 2.8K 2880x1620 911mbps 2h 20m
Arri Alexa Mini  Prores HQ 10bit 2.8K 2880x1620 608mbps 3h 31m
Canon C500 MKII Canon Raw Light 12bit 5.9K 5952x3140 1.8gbps 1h 12m
Canon C500 MKII 4K XFAVC 10bit 4K 4096x2160 414mbps 5h 9m
Canon C200 Canon Raw Light 12bit 4K 4096x2160 1gbps 2h
Canon C200 Mp4 8bit UHD 3840x2160 115mbps 13h 45m
Sony FX9 XAVC I Class 300 10bit UHD 3840x2160 312mbps 6h 51m
Sony Venice XOCN XT 16bit 6K Open Gate 6048x4032 3.3gbps 38m
Sony Venice XOCN ST 16bit 6K Open Gate 6048x4032 2.2gbps 57m
Sony Venice XOCN LT 16bit 6K Open Gate 6048x4032 1.5gbps 1h 28m
Sony Venice XAVC I Class 480 10bit 4K 4096x2160 560mbps 1h 54m
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 BMRaw 3:1 12bit 4.6K 4608x2592 1.2gbps 1h 44m
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 BMRaw 5:1 12bit 4.6K 4608x2592 743mbps 2h 52m
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 BMRaw 8:1 12bit 4.6K 4608x2592 468mbps 4h 33m
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 BMRaw 12:1 12bit 4.6K 4608x2592 308mbps 6h 56m
Kinefiniy Mavo LF Prores 4444 12bit 6K DCI 6016x3172 2.4gbps 53m
Kinefiniy Mavo LF Prores HQ 10bit 6K DCI 6016x3172 1.6gbps 1h 19m
Kinefiniy Mavo LF Prores 422 10bit 6K DCI 6016x3172  1gbps 2h
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