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Affordable Macro Probe | Laowa 24mm

So, this lens doesn't look like anything you'd expect, it's rather unique and has gotten a lot of attention online because of the way it looks, but also the amazing footage it allows you to get.Laowa Probe

So the LAOWA 24mm macro probe lens is unusually long, measuring around 40cm long, it allows you to get extremely close to your subject, without casting a huge shadow, or potentially scaring it off if it's some sort of insect, the 2cm thick barrel of the lens means it can fit into spaces where without the long barrel, you'd have had to have found some way of getting your entire camera (and possibly the operator) into. It's quite wide for a macro lens, allowing you to get a much less isolated view of your subject, and allowing you to tie it into its surroundings. The image this lens produces really does speak for itself.Laowa Probe

Other than the length of the lens, its wide focal length and macro abilities (allowing you to focus around 2cm away from the front element), the lens has a few other cool features, such as the almost the front half of the lens is completely waterproof, meaning you can submerge the lens to get some really cool looking shots. There is also a ring of LED lights at the front of the lens, which is powered via a micro USB port along the barrel, allowing you to shine light into places where it's not possible to light. Now, these LED's aren't the most colour accurate, and we wouldn't recommend using them unless it's absolutely needed.Laowa Probe

Whilst on the topic of light, you'll need a lot of it to really use this lens, as it can only open up to f14, which is both good and bad. Because the lens can focus so close, if you could open up wider than f14, the depth of field would be so tiny, you wouldn't be able to make out what was in focus, so f14 does force you to get an acceptable amount of depth to get a usable shot. Now the amount of light needed to because of the f14 aperture is a lot, but it's never been easier to get around this issue. We're seeing more and more cameras with dual native ISO and overall great low light performance, The MAVO LF is a great example of that. Lighting is also becoming, cheaper, more lightweight, and much more powerful, whilst staying portable.

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe EF

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe EF Cine

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe E

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe PL Cine

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Nikon

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This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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