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Affordable All-Purpose Cinema Zoom | Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9


Laowa has recently made a name for themselves for making affordable, high-quality wide-angle lenses, and their 24mm Macro Probe lens took the internet by storm because of its unusual shape, and the very unique perspective that you're able to get with the lens, and its been very popular thanks to the unique look it provides.

Well now, Laowa are venturing into the cinema zoom market with the OOOM lens. Sure the name is questionable, however, in the world of cinema zooms, this is looking like a well rounded all-purpose zoom lens. The OOOM is a 25-100mm zoom, designed for S35mm sensors with a constant T2.9 aperture, made up of 20 elements in 16 groups and has 9 aperture blades.LAOWA OOOM

The OOOM weighs in at 2.5KG, which is a reasonable weight and you'll definitely want to throw lens support onto your rig when using the lens. Its focal range should cover most situations that you'll run into, but for some, it is perhaps not quite wide enough on the wide end, so one of Laowa's wide-angle options would be a good choice for wide establishing shots.

The OOOM ships in a nice hard case to protect the lens, and comes with a PL mount already installed. The lens mount is user interchangeable however, there are also Canon EF and Sony E mounts available also which are easy to change. There is no back focus adjustment, but there are a range of shims included which are easy to install when changing the mount.

From our time using the lens, we've been impressed, the lens feels solid androbust as you would expect from a cine zoom, and it has a nice neutral look to it. In the video above, we've put together a quick series of tests which we'd recommend taking a look at.

LAOWA OOOMLaowa has some interesting looking adaptors in the works for the OOOM. We haven't had a chance to take a look at them yet unfortunately, but there will be a full-frame expander, and a rear anamorphic adaptor available. The expander will allow the OOOM to cover full-frame cameras, and will turn the lens into a 35-140mm T4 lens. There is also a button on the housing to allow you to reveal a second set of markings when using the adaptor. Laowa are saying that because this expander is designed specifically for the OOOM, there won't be any loss of image quality that we're used to seeing with focal expanders.


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This video was created using:

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKIII
Lens - Canon 24-70mm F2.8 II
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set


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