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AtomX Cast

Today Atomos have announced a new expansion module for the Ninja V and Ninja V+, the AtomX Cast.

This module, which is the largest Atomos have created to date, turns the Ninja V & V+ into four-input HDMI live streaming switchers & encoders. The AtomX Cast is the largest expansion module released for the Ninja V, but still slots onto the Ninja V using the NP-F plate and the expansion port. Atomos have added foldable screw thread on the top of the AtomX Cast to allow you to securely mount your Ninja V so this should feel like one whole unit when attached.

The AtomX Cast adds four new HDMI inputs on the back, along with a HDMI output for your program feed, and a USB-C port for connecting to a computer to connect to the internet. There is also a small button bar that sits below the screen of the Ninja V, which you can use to switch between inputs, along with four function buttons, which we don't know exactly how these work just yet.

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