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Broadcast converters may not be what you associate Atomos with, something like the Ninja V or Shogun Inferno may spring to mind, but within their range of products are a range of very colourful, reliable, and reasonably priced broadcast converters.Atomos Connect

Now the broadcast converter market is already very crowded, with some well-established brands, but Atomos have really hit a sweet spot here in terms of the reliability and cost of their converters.Atomos Connect

So, what sets the Atomos Connect line apart from the competition, well, other than the very bright colours of course. First of all, then run cool and are not prone to getting to temperatures where it would cause issues. They have some very nice mounting solutions in the form of the detachable ears on the units, allowing you to mount them just about wherever you want. All the units come with a locking DC port, and a locking cable to go with the unit. The last thing you want is someone accidentally pulling out a power lead in your video chain and causing the entire chain to go down.

Atomos ConnectThen you have the Atomos Connect OS, which is a PC software that allows you to control the units and access some of the more advanced features of the units. You can download the Connect OS software from the Atomos website here.

Other than being eye-catching, the colours do have a secondary purpose of categorising what each of the units does, as a rule of thumb, the red converters convert signals, HDMI-SDI etc. The blue ones are connection hubs, where all sorts of connectors can be input. The yellow ones are scalers, so they can scale between resolutions, the green ones are their sync modules, which can add genlock and timecode. The black ones are the splitters, so they take one SDI and turn it into four identical SDI's for example, and the white ones are repeaters, used for boosting the signal of SDI cables over long distances.

Browse Atomos Connect Lineup

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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