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The Atomos Neon monitor/recorders were first announced back in 2019, and it's been long wait, but the smaller versions of the Neon, the 17" and 24" are now finally here.

Atomos Neon 17

Atomos Neon 24

The Neon 17" and 24" are similar in terms of specs, but are not quite equal:

Neon 17"

  • 1920x1080
  • 178° Viewing angle
  • 8+2 FRC Bit depth
  • 128 Backlight dimming zones
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio

Neon 24"

  • 4096x2160
  • 178° Viewing angle
  • 10 Bit depth
  • 512 Backlight dimming zones
  • 17:9 Aspect ratio

The Neon range are essentially the successor to Atomos previous large, on-set monitor/recorders the Sumo 19. You get the usual suite of tools that you would expect from an Atomos monitor/recorder, so waveform, vectorscope, false colour, frame guides etc. But the Neon is no longer a touch screen monitor, most likely as Atomos are marketing the Neon as mid-high end reference monitors, so wish to avoid the greasy fingerprints that inherently come with a touch screen. To control the Neon, you either need to use a free iOS app called Atom Remote, or you can use the optional BBRCU (Button Bar Remote Control Unit). There are pro's and cons to each, the app allows you to access complete control over the monitor, including what colour space you want to view in. Where the app falls short, however, is any quick changes you need to make, as you'll have to boot the app up and wait to connect to the Neon before you make any changes. This is where the BBRCU shines as it lets you quickly and easily toggle all the assist functions as well as start and stop recording. However, you don't get access to the full menu/controls of the monitor through the BBRCU which is a shame, and we'd love Atomos to add control to the full menu through the BBRCU in the future.

The Neon range also is semi-modular, as the computing side of the monitor, the MCU is detachable, which leaves the potential for the monitor to be upgraded in the future. This MCU is essentially a Ninja V without the screen and slots onto the back to the Neon giving you a HDMI in & out, the SSD slot for recording and the expansion slot which allows for the Atom X SDI module to be attached.

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