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Today Atomos has announced two new products into the Ninja family, the Ninja V+ and the Ninja Stream.

Ninja V+

Now we don't know all the details yet, but the Ninja V+ physically seems very similar to the Ninja V that came before it, from the few images that Atomos have released currently. What we do know, is that the Ninja V+ will be able to record 8K up to 30p in Prores RAW, and 4K up to 120p also in Prores RAW over the HDMI. We also know that the FX9 and FX6 will be able to output 4K 120p RAW over SDI to the Ninja V+ using the AtomX SDI module.

Ninja Stream

With the Ninja Stream, details are currently thinner than on the Ninja V, but Atomos say the Ninja Stream includes "Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB-C to usher in a new ear of streaming on productions without a computer in sight." They also say the Ninja Stream "allows you to capture,edit and proxy record, share with others on set via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, plus live stream your content around the world without the need for a PC - all at the same time!"

Ninja V+

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