Atomos Shinobi | An Affordable HDR Monitor

Today Atomos have announced the Shinobi. A 5.2" monitor, which you may thing resembles the Ninja V slightly, and that's because it shares a lot in common with the Ninja V.

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They both share the same 5.2", 1000nits, 1080p display and have a very similar form factor. So, what's different? Well first up, the Shinobi is a monitor only product, not a monitor/recorder like the Ninja V. It also has a full polycarbonate body, unlike the Ninja V, meaning that it is much lighter than the Ninja V.Atomos Shinobi

The Shinobi isn't just a stripped down version of the Ninja V, it does introduce a new multi scopes viewer feature that we haven't seen on Atomos' products before. This shrinks your image down slightly and shows your waveform, vectorscope, histogram and audio metres around the edges of the image. This is a really useful feature for seeing all of your scopes, whilst keeping your image clear for monitoring, and we really hope that this is a feature that we'll see on more Atomos products.Atomos Shinobi

The HDMI out port has also been taken away so this is an end of signal monitor, meaning that you can't loop the signal out to another monitor from this monitor. Because the SSD slot on the back has gone, this leaves room for the battery to be centrally mounted and allows for a much more physically balanced monitor. This will make a big difference when using it handheld on camera.

There is still fantastic support for LUT's on the Shinobi (which is fantastic to see on an affordable monitor) just like on the Ninja V. On the Shinobi however, you import LUTs through an SD card slot located on the side of the monitor. You can't record onto this SD card however, its purely used for importing LUT's and for firmware updates.

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This video was filmed using:
Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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