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Today Atomos have announced yet another new product, the Shogun 7. Earlier this week they also announced an SDI module for their hugely popular Ninja V monitor/recorder, and the Shinobi SDI, and SDI version of their already very new Shinobi monitor.

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Shogun 7

The Shogun 7 is Atomos' new flagship monitor/recorder, sitting above their current Shogun Inferno monitor/recorder. The monitor/recorder has a 7" 1500 nit bright screen, which utilises a new technology called 360 zone technology, which allows for deeper blacks, and brighter whites. The panel also covers 105% of the DCI-P3 wide colour gamut and has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Unlike the Shogun Inferno however, the Shogun 7 has 2 12G SDI inputs along with two 3G SDI inputs. Like the Sumo, the Shogun 7 can accept four SDI inputs, and record each of those inputs into their own 1080p file, alongside sending out a program out signal, which it can also record into its own 1080p file.

Shinobi SDI

The HDMI version of the Shinobi has only just been announced, and now Atomos have announced an SDI version of the Shinobi, which is essentially, a monitor only version of the Ninja V, with all of the fantastic monitoring tools included.

Ninja V Atom X SDI Module

The Ninja V has had some fantastic potential for additional modules to be added, thanks to the expansion module on the back of the monitor, and Atomos have further increased the functionality of the Ninja V by releasing this SDI module. Unfortunately, this SDI module cannot accept a RAW data input, which is slightly disappointing as you cannot use the Ninja V to record the RAW data out of the SDI port of an FS5 for example. But it's still great to have the option to use the Ninja V with more professional and solid SDI inputs, which the SDI module has two inputs, with the second input doubling up as an output as well, allowing you to loop your SDI signal.

Pre-order the Shogun 7 

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Pre-order the Atom X SDI Module 

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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