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Affordable 3000 Nit Monitor | SWIT CM-S75

Late last year we put out a video on a fantastic, affordable 5.5" monitor from SWIT, the CM-55C. For its price point, it was hard to go wrong with it (and still is!) as it's packed full of professional features, that you just won't find on other affordable monitors on the market.Cm-S75

SWIT CM-S75F bright monitor

SWIT CM-S75C bright monitor

Swit CM-S75 is the bigger sibling to the CM-55C. It's a larger 7" monitor, but the size isn't the biggest difference, the CM-S75 has a 3000 nit IPS panel, which makes it fantastic for viewing your image in bright daylight. To put this into perspective, if you're looking for a 3000nit, high bright monitor like this, you're currently going to be looking at paying up to four times the cost of the CM-S75, so it's safe to say, just like with its little sibling, the CMS75 offers fantastic value for money.


Because of the 3000nit panel, you can also monitor an HDR image in either HLG or PQ, which is fantastic to see. The panel itself is really quite nice also and offers an image perfect for monitoring in the field.Cm-S75

In terms of interface, is the same as the Swit CM-55C, offering a tab-based menu layout that is operated via one joystick on the side of the monitor. These different tabs allow for up to 8 different user customisable tools (waveform, vectorscope, aspect ratio markers, LUT's etc.) so you can set up the tabs to have different tools for different situations, and quickly switch between the different pages.Cm-S75

The monitor can be powered through the locking pole DC-in port (either via mains or a d-tap cable) or NP-F style batteries.Cm-S75

You have two versions of the monitor available. The CM-S75F which has both SDI and HDMI in & out. And the CM-S75C which only has HDMI in & out.Cm-S75



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