BirdDog PF120 | First Look

Today BirdDog announced the PF120, which is a box camera version of their popular P100 PTZ camera.

The PF120 has the same 1/2" sensor as the P100 so you can expect a similar image to the P100, but with a 20X optical zoom, rather than the 10X on the P100.

You still get a great range of I/O on the back of the camera, with an RS-232, HDMI USB 2.0, a 3.5m in and out port, DC port and NDI port with PoE, which is the full NDI you'd expect from a BirdDog camera, and not the more compressed NDI HX that's common on other brands cameras. There is no SDI port here, unfortunately, which is a shame as we would have liked to have seen SDI.

Where we see the PF120 being the most useful, is when it's used in conjunction with their other cameras, in a multi-cam setup. The PF120 will work fantastically as a fixed camera for a wide shot for example, where the pan and tilt of a PTZ just aren't needed, or will actually overcomplicate things.

BirdDog PF120

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