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The Brightest LED Panel Yet? | Lupo Superpanel Dual Colour 60

Lupo Dual Colour 60

The Lupo Superpanel Dual Colour 60 is by far the brightest LED panel we've reviewed on this channel. The Dual Colour 60 is a bi-colour 2x1 LED panel and is the larger version of Lupo's extremely popular Superpanel Dual Colour 30.Lupo Dual Colour 60

If you've used one of Lupo's light before then the Dual Colour 60 will feel very familiar, the controls and UI are the same layout from their other lights. There are two dials for colour temperature and brightness, a simple LCD panel that displays the colour temperature and brightness. As well as some buttons underneath the panel to access other settings such as turning the fan off and on.Lupo Dual Colour 60

As expected, this light is very colour accurate with a TLCI of 96. But the LUX readings here are by far the most interesting, coming in at 59000 LUX at 1m.Lupo Dual Colour 60

Lupo Dual Colour 60

Now, you might be wondering why you'd need to have a light that is so bright. Well, there are several reasons why you might consider a light this bright. If you're competing with the sun, then this light will easily be able to match them, even after you either shoot it through diffusion, bounce it, or both if you're making a book light. I've been using this light for several of our videos, primarily as either a bounce or shot through some diffusion and it works fantastically.Lupo Dual Colour 60

Lupo Dual Colour 60
Lupo SuperPanel Dual Colour

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