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Brightest Portable Light Yet? | Lupo Actionpanel

Lupo Actionpanel Full Colour

Lupo Actionpanel Dual Colour

Lupo have gained a reputation for making high output, relatively low-cost lights, we've covered a few of their lights before and their output has always been impressive. Their latest light, the Actionpanel (both the Full Colour & the Dual Colour) is Lupo's first offering of a high output light, that is smaller than their 1x1 Superpanel.

The Little Sibling

The Actionpanel has this form factor, which sits in a little bit of a middle ground between a super small, on-camera light, and a regular 1x1 panel. The form factor is surprisingly compact, and you might not at first think that this makes too much of a difference. After all, a 1x1 panel isn't huge by any stretch of the imagination. But the smaller size and lower weight means that its small enough to fit into a regular backpack, or that you can fit two of these lights into the same space that you would take one 1x1 panel, which if you're a solo shooter, can really make a difference.

Dual & Full Colour

There are two versions of the Actionpanel. The Full Colour, which is an RGB version, which maxes out at 5000 lux at 1m. Which considering its compact form factor, is decently bright. The Dual Colour on the other hand, loses the RGB functionality (it's still a bi-colour fixture though) but it measures in at 13000 lux at 1m, which is very bright considering the size of the light.

Now, even the 5000 lux Full Colour is bright enough to be bounced (or shot through diffusion) and used as a key light. The Dual Colour is much better suited due to its increased brightness, especially if you're trying to go for a high key look.

Familiar UI

If you've used previous Lupo lights, then you'll be very familiar with the UI, there's three dials on the back for controlling settings, along with buttons for navigating the menu's.

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This video was filmed using:

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